Business Growth

for SME Companies

Grow hard but controlled



Guided analyses to get full insights on what growth means for you and for your business. Get clear and focused.


Creation of a clear road-map forward. People, purpose, product and time included. So everybody understands it.


Execute the plan with clear KPI's to monitor progress. Coaching and advice to tackle obstacles and get real results.

SME Growth Planning and Business Growth Coaching

When a company grows, many entrepreneurs tend to trip over their own feet. This is often because they are too rushed to grow, want to see more results in a short period of time, and if this doesn't go as they've planned they see it as a setback. Well it's not.

You think about so many things to do, which mostly results in a mess of todo's and causes lost of focus on the real priorities. Which most probably stops or slows down where you actually wanted to grow faster.

C-Mondays helps entrepreneurs to realize that not everything needs to be done now, and with the design of a solid growth plan.

What Does Growth Really Mean to You?


Many entrepreneurs want to growth but when they're asked where to grow and how much, they get stuck. Good! Because it's very important to know what you want first, from a business and personal point of view.

Business and your personal growth needs to be balanced and can be found in many different combinations. For example:

less work  -

less lost  -

less doubts  -

less worries  -

less costs  -

less customers  -

 less people  -

less chaos  -

less time  -

less musts  -

less management  -

......  -

more freedom

more sales

more actions

more happiness

more profits

more valued customers

more impact

more revenues

more efficiency

more wants

more team work


Get a Clear Vision First


Doing better doesn't necessarily mean that you immediately need to scale up, enter new markets, get more clients or more people. That might be the way to go, but it's very important that you review first what growth means, how to grow, what the consequences of your strategy are and what benefits it really brings to the table.

First get a clear vision of what you want and what's best for you and your business.

Business coaching helps you with that.

Continue growth? Yes please!


We can open (much) more, we can scale-up your business, earn more money, double your reach, more people, more efficiency. After you decided how you want to grow.

A complete growth road map for an SME business starts with solid preparations of yourself.

As the company owner or CEO, you are the most important person to initiate the business growth and make it into a success.

Once your mindset and vision is right, your team, your customers and the business growth can successfully follow.



Feel free to get in contact and to discuss your business growth and the support of business growth coaching.

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No obligations

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Business Growth Tips to Consider



Follow your own path

During the growth of a company, entrepreneurs often start to follow a different path, the path where most competitors are, leaving them in the fight against competition. It's better to follow your own path and maintain your own core values.

Plan for the long-term with short-term goals

People perform step by step better instead to go straight for the final goal. Our brain immediately says it's dangerous and far too complex. After all, you start crawling, stand up at the table, stand, walk, and finally run. For a company, this works exactly the same.

The purpose of your business is important, but planning sub-goals and milestones are even more important. The biggest obstacle for a growing company is that there is no clear long-term plan with scalable objectives, and therefore it makes it difficult to strategically address the growth of the company.


As a result that employees and customers often can't follow. Such a plan doesn't have to be complex, but clear enough so that everybody understands where they are now, where they'll go and how to get there.

Multiple growth strategies

You read a lot about scaling, scale-up, business growth (like here), but often it's not clear for many business owners what the different strategies mean, and it's hard to make a decision where and how to grow best. Growing a business depends strongly on the potential of the products, markets, and timing for growth. By setting up multiple growth strategies you can limit common risks.  


Build a solid team


For the growth of your business, you need a great team with the right mindset, and as an owner, you will have to manage yourself to adapt your leadership to the corresponding tasks at each growth phase. The biggest mistake you can make is to interfere with every task and not to see that each new phase puts you in a different position.

Get the right support


All these kind of subjects linger in the heads of many business owners who plan for growth. By working together with a business growth coach and experienced support, successful entrepreneurs work with a clear growth plan into the future.

Get in contact to discuss your specific questions about business growth for your company.

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