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The Situation

​Two business partners came up with great ideas how to expand their business on a film/tv production studio, by opening up the studio's original purpose to the events market and turn the venue into a multi functional venue where business and culture would blend.


The higher volume activity and larger team turned out to be more work than they’d bargained for, and soon they were floundering. They realized that if they wanted to run the business well, they needed to gain experience quickly to get everyone moving in the right direction. Their ideas needed to be bounched, validated, structured, planned and executed. Build up the plan and make sure their goals and priorities were aligned.



Casco Amsterdam is an events location & film/tv studio in Amsterdam.

1.600 m2 studio incl. 14 production, meeting, make-up and artist dressing rooms.

Front of the building has a new restaurant/bar that is 5 days per week open to the public and takes care of the full catering for events that are organized in the main studio.


- Market analyses and business strategy

- Financial growth forecast planning / control

- Client segmentation, product packaging and pricing

- Marketing / sales strategy and execution

- Business plan for lunch café and catering
- Organizational structure and management
- Business process management design


A clear business plan has been executed for the mid- and long term strategy, aligned with the new market's needs.


The revenues increased in the first year by 25% and in the second year they achieved a total of 45% including revenue streams from the restaurant and catering.

While still being booked for its original purpose by film and TV producers, the venue is now also succesfully rented by a various range of other events. Such as, corporate business events, seminars, new product launches, dance events, indoor festivals, theater plays and exhibitions.


Besides the many other productions, we are proud to mention A.D.E. (Amsterdam Dance Event), Holland Festival and the Eye Film Museum who've trusted to organize their events under the Casco roof.

The front side of the building is transformed into a public lunch-café with a capacity for 120-250 people depending on the set-up, and available for smaller events such as book presentations, music evenings, small company gatherings, etc.


Website: Casco Amsterdam - Film Studio and Events Location

Special thanks and credits to: The Casco Team and Management

Current activity: Business Consulting and Coaching


“​Having a good idea is the first step but actually transforming the idea into a well-organized business that grows, is a big deal. Thanks to C-Mondays, we are getting closer each day.”

Joris - Co-Founder - Casco Film Studio & Events Location - Amsterdam


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