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Improve Your

Leadership Skills.

Better Team. Better Results. Better Business.

Leading for a better team and business

As a business grows, it is often difficult for entrepreneurs to adjust their leadership and keep control over the organization and company culture.

This program is called improve your leadership, but doesn't go over the standard training and information as it is given in courses. With this program you get an one-to-one attention only in those areas where you struggle or have doubts about your leadership.

For who is this program?

This program is for small to medium-large business owners and CEOs, who feel that they are loosing the control over their growing organization. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of people you have to manage, if you feel that you are not part of the team anymore, or if you clicked on this program with a reason in mind.

What can be expected?

We will first make together an assessment to find out where the difficulties are and how to improve. Together we will set goals and actions that you can execute in your daily work, and next session we will review the outcome and effectiveness of the actions. During the program we will measure progress and success.


Most people who follow this program make great improvements on personal interaction with their team, get more confident in their leadership and get their vision with more clarity into the organization.

Details and investment

Improve your leadership skills - Keep control

As a business grows, it is often difficult for entrepreneurs to adjust their leadership and keep control over the organization and corporate culture. This program help them to improve their leadership skills.

  •    9 coaching sessions spaced over 3 months

  •    60 - 75 minutes per session via web conference or face to face if convenient

  •    Session preparation / between-session assignments / scheduled sessions

  •    Free user materials such as tools and clarity canvases

  •    Free calls as needed for the duration of the coaching sessions

  •    Main objectives: assessment of the current situation, clarity on goals, action planning, improve
       communications and interpersonal leadership skills

  •    Results: better vision communication, more confident in leadership, better functioning team.


For further information about the investment and to book this program, please get in contact to discuss the options. Investments are fairly priced by corresponding business types; solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and medium-large companies.

What subjects will be covered?

The program depends strongly on the current situation which varies per client and their team.

Therefor the program will be always tailored to each client's needs. The program can be adjusted to the time and capability of your organization.

At the start of a project we will make an assessment and together we will decide which subjects need to be included.

To give an impression of the subjects that are commonly included, we listed some of the subjects in random order.

Get in contact to discuss the options for a custom made programs.

This program may include the following subjects:

Assessment of your team's capabilities

Understands your strengths and use them

Set definitive goals and follow concrete action plans

Recruit positive people and encourage creativity

Be passionate about your work and know your team

Practice effective communication

How to apply coaching in your management style

How to empower your people

​Get in touch to schedule a free 30 Minutes Discovery Session, where we can talk more specifically about your needs.

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