Boutique Hotel Chain London

New Service Concepts & Team Alignment


The Situation

Jackie owns 7 boutique hotels in London and realized that she had to do something different for her guests, to make a statement and stand out from the competition.


As an experienced hotel CEO she knew that an extraordinary service was just not enough. She was looking for new concepts of services that would lead to remarkable guest experiences, leaving the hotel guests with a story to talk about.


Besides that, Jackie needed to change her leadership, to get all staff pointed in the same direction and build a capable team that would function without her daily involvement.



Boutique hotel chain in the heart of London.

7 Hotels ranging from 24 to 45 rooms with 26 to 40 staff members per building.


- Non-industry related services swot analyses

- Client segmentation and value proposition

- Services design and delivery process plan

- Operational processes review and adjustments
- Team training, involvement and alignment
- One-to-one business coaching and consulting


We succesfully implemented new services, that could not easily be found in the industry. Leading to guest experience improvements with incremental revenues on direct bookings via the branded channels and OTA's as well.


The teams got aligned and really started to enjoy the guest compliments in return. Each unit is running their day-to-day operations now more autonomously. Jackie got more time to focus on the top level business and her own tasks.

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Current activity: Business Consulting and Coaching


“​By working with my coach, I get, for a full-hour at a time, to talk about and focus on nothing other than me, my problems, my opportunities, my goals. It forces me to schedule time to work on my own business.”

Jackie - CEO and Owner - Boutique Hotel Chain - London


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