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Start-Up Business Growth


The Situation

After openening her dental clinic in the centre of Barcelona, Dr. Linda Ortega got stuck with the business growth and she wasn’t sure how to pave a different way forward. 


Barcelona is packed with dentists and dental clinics, so it was time to review her business and develop a business growth plan to build a sustainable future for the practice. Linda wanted to become better in her business administration and management skills in order to push a healthy growth into the clinics' operations, marketing and organization.



Dental clinic in Barcelona, opened their doors in March 2017.

With all dental specialities under one roof, with a team of 8 specialist plus assistants and administrative staff, this dental practice delivers a one-stop service. Dental Clinic Puy believes in creating beautiful smiles, exceptional service and building lasting relationships.


- Business management consulting and coaching

- Financial P&L and forecast overview / control

- Vision, mission and core values definition

- Business strategy and organizational structure
- Client segmentation and value proposition
- Marketing and communications planning


After already a few months the business started to pick up and a 10% month on month revenue growth got in place.


Linda got much more insights and knowledge on how to run her business and skilled in organizational management.

Website: Dental Clinic Puy Barcelona - Excellence in Dentistry

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Current activity: Business Coaching


“Thanks to C-mondays my business really started to kick off! I have a start up that wasn’t very healthy in many aspects, after he stepped in things began to get in to place. Recommend him without any doubt! He has been one of the best business decisions I have made in 2018!”

Linda Ortega - Owner - Puy Dental Clinic - Barcelona


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