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Friends Anti-Crisis Pack

For Clarence's friends who are in business and suffering from changed market situations due to the crisis. For friends who cannot afford time and high investments to determine a new strategy and solid actions.

Free 45-minute anti-crisis call for Clarence's friends

New market driven strategy within just some days

Concrete action plan including quick wins

Free and without obligation

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Who is this anti-crisis guy

Hi there! My name is Ronald and I'm a Business Strategy Consultant with over 25 years business growth experience


During our daily calls, while being stuck inside our houses in Barcelona, Clarence and I have been wracking our brains trying to figure out how to help the world during this uncertain and changing time.

Clarence told me, that he's convinced that his friends could use my help now with their struggling businesses. I immediately liked the idea and came up with the 45-minute free strategy consulting call. And, only if needed, to be extended with a dense market strategy service to help you through the crisis.


Greets, Ronald

Free 45-minute anti-crisis call

Most of the times when I talk with people about their business, they'll already get valuable insights and new ideas within the first call. This 45-minute Whatsapp call is for Clarence's friends for free.

If it turns out that you want more support, only then we will talk about how to proceed with the dense anti-crisis strategy pack.

This 45-minute strategy call has no obligations and NO sales talks at all.

D Anti-Crisis Pack

Designed to help businesspeople who are suffering from changed market situations due to the crisis and cannot afford a time nor high investments to determine an adjusted strategy with solid actions.

Performing quick scans: just the analyses needed to make decisions

Developing a new market driven strategy: within just some days or weeks

Translating the strategy to a concrete action plan: including quick wins


How to claim the free strategy call

1. Realize that the sooner you have this call, the quicker you can benefit

2. Schedule a day and time for a Whatsapp call at your convenience

3. I will call you on the chosen time to talk about your business

Free and without obligation

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