Take the Best Decisions and Plan for Healthy

Business Growth

Method for Business Growth and Organizational Improvements

​The approach is always personal and tailored. Goals, decisions, and concrete planning always included. Keep things simple and effective. Don't make problems bigger or solutions more complex than needed.


The method guides you through 4 different phases, both for the larger organizational improvements and for business growth.

After completing each phase, you have a clear and stable overview on how to handle the next one.

​CM 4 Phases Method


This phase begins with identifying what you want to achieve and more importantly; what you no longer want to do. We will list the personal and business goals. See how personal goals match the business goals, and what absolutely not. Conflicting matters, making choices and setting priorities. After this phase there is a clear picture of the real goals, both business and personally.


In this phase, we evaluate the current situation and processes, and take a look at where they are contradictory or match the stated goals. During this exercise, the current situation and future plans may not be so far apart or contradictory. The results is a good overview of the issues for establishing a solid future plan.



This phase is all about brainstorming for options, obstacles and solutions. The key employees from the company will work together the planning to make the right decisions together and involve the team in the change. The plan includes a timeline with key performance indicators, allowing progress to be monitored and measuring success.


Once we have all prepared, we will execute the plan, monitor progress with KPI's, and steer there where needed until success is achieved. Each month, each week, we’ll have calls or face-to-face meetings together. We will review the progress and measure the impact, and elevate your business.

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