Business Management Consulting

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Consulting Service in Multiple Key Areas

Optimizing companies into more profitable, healthy growing and better performing teams. Improve your performance and efficiency, by spotting opportunities and creating solutions that match the business goals.

Business Strategy & Planning

In any business the strategic thinking and planning should never stop. Your company’s performance depends on the strategy you follow. Whether this is about new products, new business ideas or optimizing a running business.

Strategy consulting supports you with the development of an effective strategy including market analysis. Or we conduct a challenging review on your current business plan.

Business Concepting & Product Design

Stand out from the crowd. Get new insides on what the market really is waiting for and what new products or services will align.

With this creative but analytic consulting we will analyse your brand, products, services and the market(s). Among others we'll simulate a business module, formulate the value proposition and design product and services that will match the client segments.


To finish it off we can also deliver the branding, visual design, webdesign and a complete go-to-market plan.

Business Strategy - Update

Functional & Organizational Performance

This consulting service helps you clarify your entire management process and you will get recommendations to achieve better efficiency, productivity and profitability.


We do this by assessing the current state of your organizational structure, your operational plan, your financial performance and for bigger organizations interviewing key team members. 


It will uncover what opportunities and what solutions are needed to built the well-oiled machine your business can and should be.

Business Growth Planning

If you want to grow your business or the business is growing and it causes growing pains; you better make sure that you have a clear view where you want to go and plan well how to get there.

Business growth consulting supports you with strategic business growth planning and the organizational execution.

Business Knowledge Transfer

This is a quick way to gain knowledge in the operational business areas, such as marketing, sales, customer relations, budgeting, cost control and organizational management solutions.

Knowlege transfer consulting helps businesses and business people with direct answers in unknown areas. Get one-to-one knowledge support and apply it directly into your business.


Practical Approach

The traditional approaches and methods that bigger consulting firms apply are good. But often too complex and time consuming for many companies and their organizational structures.


C-Mondays offers practical approaches with direct answers, swift results involving less time and lower budgets.


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