Business Coaching Programs

Focused on Personal and Business Development

Coaching programs designed for growth

Whether you're stuck, overwhelmed, in need of advice, or want to see better personal and business results; the following business coaching programs are designed to follow a structured path forward to development and business growth.


The business results coaching programs are all based on one-to-one coaching and each of them will guide you to better business results. Straight forward towards your goals; that will generate a real difference.

​​​Business Growth Programs


Business growth coaching programs are focused to improve your business results. The coaching programs have a structured approach to help you in a structured way to increase your business performance. The ambitious but realistic goals planning, at the start of each growth program, will determine what the expected outcomes must be.

Please note: That all programs and their contents are indicative. All programs and modules will be tailored and can be combined to fit your business specific and unique personal needs.

Are you stuck with business growth? Unlock yourself and continue growth.

Ideal for business owners who are stuck in growing their business or have difficult decisions to make. Gain clarity about direction, take decisions and actions.

4 coaching sessions spaced over 1-2 months. Plus 1 free succession follow up session.

Prepare your organization for the next level of business growth.

For entrepreneurs who've reached the first levels of success and are aware that they first need more control over their business before the next growth can take place.

9 coaching sessions spaced over 2-3 months. Plus 1 free kick-off session of 90 minutes. Free in between sessions calls.

Grow your business to the next level of success in 3 - 6 - 12 months.

Designed to get clarity on strategy and direction, actions planning, steering, to stay committed on the planned actions and achieve the desired growth results.

12-24 coaching sessions spaced over 3-4-12 months. Free complementary strategy consulting hours.

​​​Personal / Business Growth Programs


Personal and combined business coaching programs are focused to improve your personal results, by making changes in the way you handle and manage your business. The coaching programs put the emphases on you as a person in connection to your business. Focused on the personal outcomes.

Keep control - Improve your leadership skills.

This coaching program is focused to improve your vision, dealing with more people and the development of a more effective leadership style.

9 coaching sessions spaced over 3 months. Free in between sessions calls.

Don't work in your business but on your business. Save time.

With this program we'll work together to set up a team that will function more independently, start to delegate and free up time to work on your own business.

9 coaching sessions spaced over 3-4 months. Free in between sessions calls.

I work 24 / 7 - Balance your work-life in a healthy way.

You want a better balance between your business, your relationships and your personal freedom. Learn yourself how to schedule a healthy work-life balance.

9 coaching sessions spaced over 2-3 months. Free in between sessions calls.

​​​Single Coaching Sessions


Many entrepreneurs often go through their own problems for too long. This may be annoyances, conflicts with business partners, unhappy with the organization, overwhelmed by work, unclear about what to do next, feedback on strategies, etc..

Within your own circles you don't get an objective answer and if you speak freely, then you have a chance that more problems arise or people walk away from you.

Single coaching sessions are ideal if you need sometimes to clear your head, get fresh views on matters, and if you want to have safe sounding board at your side who understands you and your business.


Consulting with a coach is the solution to talk about your own business, gain clarity and design solid solutions.

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