OneDifferent Body & Mind Fitness Studio

Re-Branding & Business Growth


The Situation

Thelma, an entrepreneur who opened enthousiastically a spinning and yoga studio in Barcelona with no clear business objectives. Attracting more yoga people, while the city is cluttered with yoga locations and yoga rates are too low to grow a sustainable business.


From the project start it became quickly clear that the brand name was confusion and the client segmentation needed to change, resulting in a rebranding and product/client focus from yoga emphasis to indoor cycling combined with yoga, to grow the customer value.



OneDifferent Body Mind Fitness in Barcelona, opened in 2017 as The Spinning Yogis.

Daily open with a variety of classes, from early mornings till late evenings.


- Turnaround on the current sales and profits

- Vision, mission and core values definition

- Business strategy, planning and execution
- Client segmentation and value proposition

- Product packaging, timetables and pricing
- Marketing and communication planning

- Rebranding strategy/execution including name change


Within 3 months we got the decending revenues back up to an all times high, and still growing.


The new business concept with an expansion of 120m2 officially opened jan 2019 and in the first 2 months the revenues doubled.

Website: OneDifferent (beta)

Special thanks and credits to: Vassiliki Athanasiou - Visual brand design & YLAB Architects - Studio design

Current activity: Business growth consulting


“I own a boutique gym and it was going completely the wrong way. I felt i was completely alone and did not know how to fix things. Ronald helped me to put things in order and really restructured the whole business, made rules and amongst other things control finances. It is a great pleasure working with Ronald. He is a great asset to have in my company.”

Thelma - Owner - OneDifferent Body and Mind Fitness - Barcelona


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