We are strategic, analytic and creative people, engaging with businesses to uncover their full potential.


Our mission

Spread the power of knowledge by helping people to get great ideas into the world.

Make our services accessible for smaller sized businesses, so we can help them grow too.

Who we are



A group of like-minded experts who believe in the value of best practice, original thinking, and simplicity.

We work together in different set-ups using our strategic, analytical, creative and functional minds.

All depending on the challenge to tackle and the expertise needed to deliver a solution.

We are business people who happen to be consultants.


What we do



We help modern businesses of all sizes to define and implement their growth strategies.


Assisting with strategic thinking, performance boosters, data analytics, marketing solutions

and if needed hands-on management.

We deliver well aligned services matching each business maturity demands, ensuring that skill levels can

be easily upgraded, on the go (grow), to the next level as required.

Size-fair pricing policy

Small and medium sized businesses can truly benefit from consulting but, the consulting prices don´t always match their financial capabilities.

Keeping that in mind and following our mission statement “make our services accessible for smaller sized businesses too”, we’ve designed our size-fair transparent pricing model.

C-Mondays’ size-fair pricing model helps businesses with affordable consulting rates, the opportunity to benefit accelerated growth and expand to the next level of service needed.

Additionally, we designed a price menu by solution, to manage the portfolio on a proactive and transparent way. These prices have a from price, meaning that you can buy a service for that price and only pay more if you need extras out of the standard.

Being the first in the business consulting industry, with this kind of pricing transparency, we are proud to show our prices clearly on the website.

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Our values


We build relationships based on the three T's of; transparency, truth and trust.

We use our sharp analytical insight to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of a problem. Only then we can unlock the right solution.

We master and treasure our ability to adapt to evolving trends and innovative solutions.

We have a no-nonsense straight forward approach, by telling it like it is.


We don´t have to wear a suit (or drive a big car) to be serious.

Don't forget to maintain your sense of humor.

And stay humanly kind.


As an entrepreneur myself, I know very well which challenges are on my client’s agendas, what struggles in business they bump into, and what their modern organizations really need from consulting.

After building my own SME from scratch, to a 100 people solid team with a pleasing multiplier on a seven-figures yearly turnover, one day I've had it with being the CEO in my own company and it was time to open a new chapter.

I had the desire to get back in my all time favourite profession as a consultant, which I always enjoyed for the knowledge sharing and helping people to achieve their success.

However, with my past working experience at top-tier consultancy firms, I chose to redefine how consulting is delivered with the focus on the SME specific needs.

I picked out only the 3 most essential services needed for growth; designed a model that allows consultants to focus purely on problems and solutions; without internal politics nor the pressure to sell more work; and to make consulting accessible for smaller companies too.

And here we are. Under the C-Mondays' umbrella, I work together with likeminded experts that dropped the corporate hassle. Varying on the client's own capacities we assign (only) the needed skills, that meets the project scope and company size.

C-Mondays' pure consulting model frees everyone – consultants and clients – to focus on what really matters: delivering solutions.

​Looking forward to discuss your business needs.

Best regards,

Ronald van der Bijl
CEO  & Managing Director
Sr. Business- & Strategy Consultant
30+ years Business Experience
Passion for Service and People
Optimist and Realist
Motto - Live life and learn,
the only limit is your mind.


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