Sculpting bright business futures.

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What we do

We help modern businesses of all sizes to define and implement their growth strategies.


We apply original thinking and the principles in business to a wide range of businesses and business people to help them achieve new success. 


Who we are

We are business people who happen to be consultants. We all performed at top-level positions and/or managed succesfully our own companies. 

We are team of independent professionals that work closely together in different set-ups, depending the project needs and its business size.


Our core values

We left behind the distractions of corporate internal politics and the pressure to sell more work.


No complicated internal procedures and we keep it understandable without using consultancy jargon.


Every business and business person is unique. So we offer personalized solutions that fits the project needs and business size.

We exchange best practices from different company sizes and industries, which allows us to provide our clients with fresh innovative and creative solutions. 

We believe that Informal but professional service is most probably the best service there is.

Ronald van der Bijl
CEO  & Managing Director
Sr. Business Consultant & Business Coach
30+ years Business Experience
Passion for Service and People
Optimist and Realist
Motto - Live life and learn,.
the only limit is your mind.


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